Current and Former Scholars

Current Scholars

2025 scholars to be announced soon.

Former Scholars

YearScholarResearch Topic
2024Amanda BrechkoBody composition changes in children with sickle cell anemia during treatment for severe acute malnutrition
2024Zuhalla HiredHereditary Pulmonary Hypertension
2024Miriam KaldsDefining the Relationship of Venous Thromboembolism and Tricuspid Regurgitant Jet Velocity in Automated Electronic Health Record-derived Chohort of Patients with Sickle Cell Disease
2024Jeiel IyaweCharacteristics of Black JIA Patients in Middle Tennessee
2024Gabrielle QuinnBuilding Respectful Integrated Doula care as a Gateway for improving maternal Experience (BRIDGE)
2023Francisco AlvaradoLong term brain dysfunction in patients who have suffered traumatic brain injury
2023Pierce CreightonStudy of lung development and the role of the extracellular matrix
2023Yewande DadaContext: Intersectionality of Race, Ethnicity, and the Autism Diagnostic Journeys of Black Families
2023Mauricio DownerOsteopontin Reduces Foreign Body Response in Humans and Mice
2023Alejandro GonzalezRisk factors for aneurysms in sickle cell disease
2023Jose MejasEvaluation of current protocols for Transcranial Doppler for preventing strokes in children with Sickle Cell Disease in Puerto Rico
2023Kirolos MichaelContemporary Classification of Myocardial Injury Events in MESA
2023Hannah Claire RitterAn Investigation of the Disparity in Healthcare Access Faced by Publicly Insured Patients with Sickle Cell Disease Living in Rural Counties in Tennessee
2022Alake MyersLung Epithelial Repair
2022Ari MarshOsteomyelitis in the hypoxic bone environment
2022Carter BurnsSubclinical Signs of Emotional Disturbance
2022Collin StirpeCohort to Augment the Understanding of Sarcoma Survivorship Across the Lifespan
2022Gabriel HaireLung Development - Alveologenesis
2022Genesis JamesJuvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
2022Josephs AnudokemThe impact of aging on mitochondrial morphology
2022Mikaela GayPancreas Cell Composition in Relation to Diabetes
2022Karen EzenneIncarcerated juveniles and SCD
2021David RayComparing pIgR expression in tracheal epithelial cells from mice and determining their ability to transcytose SIgA in vitro
2021Michael FengA year-long study of diverticulosis
2021Mikaela GoldPerform a systematic review of the available evidence examining the role of the respiratory microbiome on the development of childhood asthma and propose key future opportunities for research
2021Nora OfeiIdentify psychophysiological markers of risk for stuttering onset and persistence and, in turn, potentially enhance clinical management
2021James EyerSensitivity of Skin Biopsies for Diagnosis of Transthyretin Amyloidosis
2021Rebekah KuhlmanDistant Relatedness for Identification and Variant Evaluation (DRIVE) of Dilated Cardiomyopathy and Neonatal Diabetes
2021Maurielle ArtisDetermine if SNPs in CXCL8 and CXCR1/2 genes are associated with DR susceptibility and progression to vision-threatening stages (diabetic macular edema and proliferative DR)
2021Jacqueline IkeLTRs that are poorer metabolizers would have an increased risk for voriconazole-associated SCC occurring sooner after exposure compared to normal and rapid metabolizers
2021Jessica ToddA history of asthma will be associated with severe pneumonia in children younger than 18 years old
2020Micah Ernst BeasleyFood for thought: Many Americans are unable to access an adequate amount of food
2020Ombeni IdassiLate Effects Following Bone Marrow Transplants in Children and Adults Treated at Vanderbilt University Medical Center
2020Kristin MaloneFollowing implantation, TNAP plays a critical role in protection of the pregnancy against pathogen-induced pregnancy defects/loss and preterm birth (PTB)
2020Stephanie SmithClinical and molecular phenotyping of unsolved UDN patients with microcephaly, seizures, and neurodevelopmental delay
2020Chastity GreenExamining Outcome Disparities in Children with Pneumonia
2019Brittney GuyDefining the Association of Timing of Extubation and Outcomes in Preterm Infants
2019Kayla MasseyImplementation of a Hospital-wide Pediatric Acute Stroke Protocol
2019Morgan O'NealTreatment of Asthma Exacerbation with Corticosteroids in Children with Sickle Cell Disease: Do corticosteroids really help?
2018Oluchi NwokeNatural history of reproductive challenges in men with sickle cell disease
2018Jessica DoVUMC retinoblastoma survivorship study with an emphasis on analyzing long-term adverse sequelae related to retinoblastoma therapies
2018Nicole LeutholdDefining abnormal cardiopulmonary phenotypes associated with TBX4 and other genetic variants associated with pulmonary hypertension
2017Jodi-Anne StewartUnderstanding the relationship between low body mass index (BMI) and lung function patterns in children with sickle cell disease
2017Brittany LandryTesting a novel way for physician extenders to provide diagnostic assessments for ASD in primary care settings