How to Apply

*Applications are now closed for Summer 2022.*

Thank you for your interest in our program. The experience you will gain from this program will be a valuable addition to your academic coursework, and we are thrilled to share this experience with you.

Due to the challenges surrounding COVID-19, all program interactions will be conducted using COVID-19 compliant platforms. In-person participation will depend upon the Vanderbilt University Medical Center guidelines in Summer 2022.

Some highlights and expectations of the program are:

  • An 8-week, full-time assignment based on the project proposal in your application. Your mentor will have an assignment for either a new or altered program based on your inability to be present on campus. This activity may include a case series or review article. Your attendance is expected independent of your mentor's vacation schedule, and the program will begin on May 16, 2022, and end on July 8, 2022. The expectation is that vacation time will not be scheduled during this 8-week program. However, there are three national holidays during this time: Memorial Day, Juneteenth, and Independence Day.
  • Develop a timeline with your mentor to complete your project within 8 weeks.
  • Meet institutional requirements for research training and safety, including but not limited to; Human Subject Protections (in addition to that which will be fulfilled at your institution before placement with a mentor), Animal Care and Use, HIPAA. We expect this to be done before the May 16, 2022 start date.
  • Provide a written summary which may include clinical, basic, translational, or other manuscripts.
  • Remotely meet twice weekly during the 8-week period with Dr. DeBaun, to participate in a small pediatric and medicine journal club. This may occur outside of the workweek.
  • Participate in weekly education activities with the Rare Disease Network at Vanderbilt School of Medicine (dates to be listed later).

This scholarship requires 8 weeks of work from May 16, 2022, to July 8, 2022, and you must be in good academic standing with Meharry Medical College. You will receive a $7,100 stipend for completion of the 8-week window. Payments will be sent on June 1 (May 16-31), July 1 (June 1-30), and August 1 (July 1-8).

Each mentor or their designee is expected to:

  • Meet weekly and review your written progress and feedback about the program.
  • Evaluate your performance, progress, and research project, which will contribute to the final grade (as per the school of medicine requirements).
  • Submit the students' evaluation upon completion of the training period (a link to a secured RedCap database will be provided).

Our goal is to expose you to the benefits of delivering the best possible medical care for children and adults and advancing the care for the next generation. We hope this experience will further your passion for a career in academic medicine in the fields of Pediatrics or Internal Medicine and pique your interest in pursuing a one-year pull-out research program while a medical student at Vanderbilt University Medical Center or elsewhere.

For more information, please contact Jenny Beck, Program Manager, at or Dr. Michael DeBaun at