Welcome to the Division of Medical Genetics and Genomic Medicine

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Medicine is currently undergoing a significant revolution driven in part by genomics and genetics. Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) and Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt (MCJCHV) remain at the leading edge of this revolution. Thanks to new genomic approaches, we are now in a position to make remarkable new insights into human health and encounter new opportunities for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of both common and rare and conditions.

The Division of Medical Genetics and Genomic Medicine is a local, state, and national leader in providing cutting edge genetics services to its patients. We are fortunate to have some of the most respected and highly trained geneticists in the country. Importantly, we lead VUMC and MCJCHV in the integration of genetics and genomics into medicine and healthcare.

We utilize the collaborative atmosphere of the institution and draw on the expertise of other physicians within the institution to provide the highest quality genetics services and use the highest quality collaborative science as a foundation to advance the health of our patients.

Our goal is to improve the lives of our patients. To that end, we offer unparalleled clinical evaluation, treatment, and counseling to our patients. We position ourselves as a single resource for all genetic services and testing, at an institutional and state level.

I invite you to learn more about the division through our website and contact us regarding opportunities for education, training and collaborations.

Best regards,

Rizwan Hamid, MD, PhD, FAAP, FACMG

Rizwan Hamid, MD, PhD, FAAP, FACMG
Director, Division of Medical Genetics and Genomic Medicine
Dorothy O. Wells Professor of Pediatrics