Academic General Pediatrics Fellowship Curriculum

Clinical and teaching responsibilities

Fellows will function in a supervisory role during their training program, with guidance provided by members of the Division. Clinical duties will comprise approximately 30 percent of the fellow’s time and will include supervising in the Primary Care Center, and in the Pediatric Acute Care clinic of the Children’s Hospital Outpatient Center. Fellows will have the opportunity to attend in the newborn nursery if interested. Fellows will also participate in the lecture schedule of the Division, delivering one to two lectures per month to residents and medical students.

Master of Public Health or Master of Clinical Science and Investigation

We are committed to developing individualized learning plans for all of our fellows. Fellows will have the opportunity to enroll in the MPH or MSCI programs at Vanderbilt. Each program consists of didactic course work, career development opportunities, and mentored research resulting in a manuscript for publication. While enrolled in the MPH or MSCI program, the fellow will receive mentoring from program faculty as well as Division of General Pediatrics faculty. During the course work, the fellow will be relieved of all other Divisional responsibilities. Completion of MPH or MSCI program requirements will result in the attainment of an MPH or MSCI degree from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.


One of the primary strengths of the training program is the mentor relationship. Throughout the fellowship, fellows will meet regularly with the program director. Once a research topic has been identified, the fellow will be assigned a research mentor. Potential mentors can be drawn from the Division faculty, with the potential for co-mentoring by faculty from other divisions and departments. Vanderbilt is a collaborative environment and the fellowship program will work closely with each trainee to find the appropriate set of mentors to meet the trainees' needs.