Child Neurology Residency Other Details


There are multiple workrooms with an ample number of computers within Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. Some of the physician workrooms are located within the Child Neurology Clinic in the Doctor’s Office Tower. Depending on which service residents are on at night they have a call room conveniently located in the Pediatric Emergency Department with a bed and a computer or on the 6th Floor of the Vanderbilt Adult Hospital with a computer and private bathroom. The adult hospital is connected to the children’s hospital via an indoor walkway on the 4th Floor.

Peer Mentorship Program

Each incoming intern will be assigned a resident "family" consisting of a resident of each year of training. This is meant to provide a close connection to child neurology for residents still in their general pediatrics training as well as someone to turn to regarding any questions or concerns they may have. Additionally, the program provides valuable mentoring experience to neurology residents that they can take into their future careers. There is a senior faculty member appointed to each family for additional guidance. 


At the beginning of their neurology training each resident will be asked to pick an advisor that they will meet with semi-annually or more often, to go over self-evaluations, attending evaluations, individualized learning plans, RITE exam scores, academic goals and career development. Most residents utilize multiple mentors throughout their training - our faculty love working with our trainees!

Book Fund

Each child neurology resident will be provided with a yearly book stipend of $300 to purchase desired textbooks.

Conference Fund

Each senior child neurology resident (PGY-4 and PGY-5) will be provided with a yearly stipend of $1000 for expenses spent attending a national academic conference (American Academy of Neurology, Child Neurology Society, American Epilepsy Society, etc) which may be used for airfare, conference registration, hotel, transportation, and food.

Professional Membership Dues

The Department of Pediatrics pays for the AAN and CNS membership fees for all child neurology residents.